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The Three Sisters Creative Story.

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Our Story

The inspiration behind the name Three Sisters Creative originates from Three Sisters Mountains. These mountains are a part of the Cascade Range in Oregon, USA.

Growing up in a small town in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, I often traveled over the Cascades to Central Oregon. Camping, fishing, lake days, and wandering the small shops of Sisters brought us yearly to the High Desert.

Mountains with blue cloudy sky

The regal beauty of the Cascade Mountains is an image I’ve often returned to. I wanted to honor lifelong memories by choosing the name Three Sisters Creative for my design business.

I have since moved from the Valley to sunny Central Oregon. Here I am able to glimpse Three Sisters often, and still feel in awe of the snowy peaks.

Thee Sisters Creative was born from a life of artistry and receiving a formal arts training. I pursued graphic and webs arts, design, and many other forms of creative education that all inform my current design career.

However like most people I am also a consumer. A website is often the first impression I have of a business. I know the impact a great website will have.

As a website is often the first point of contact for potential customers, it is crucial to stand out with a fast, responsive design. With the majority of customers shopping and searching on a mobile device, it is essential to have a responsive site.

Open sketchbook page with blue pen

I have become acquainted with many of the struggles facing small businesses today. Primarily that of being unable to reach a broader audience due to a lack of online presence. Or perhaps a website exists, but isn’t optimized for a mobile experience and therefore was losing patronage.

A website has endless potential. To make connections, share information, and also as invaluable resources for eCommerce. Connecting customers with businesses is what a website is meant to do, whatever the end goal of the connection may be.

As a supporter of small businesses myself, I have a powerful drive to design compelling and accessible websites that will help small businesses thrive.

Particularly in our current global times, it is crucial to reach customers in any location. Three Sisters Creative is invested in helping businesses prosper during these difficult times, and grow into the future.

Three Sisters Creative Founder and Owner,

Megan Deede

Work meeting

I’d love to hear from you. Please view my services to discover how I can help your new or established business grow. If you have a project in mind, please contact me for more information.

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